our ethos





Like our friends and neighbours, we recognise that we are so very fortunate and happy to call the glorious Cotswolds our home.


We love nature. We love the seasons, the colours, the light, the smells, the changes and the majesty she exudes. In turn, our environment reflects the variety of produce, and being in the Cotswolds we do get some of the best. 


Like you we love top quality food and expect the best for ourselves and our community. Being local is of paramount importance. It keeps the local artisanal producers going, 


We believe the food we sell is the best the Cotswolds has to offer. We promise to keep this search going so if you know about a great producer please put us in touch!


We believe that good food is happy food, and happy food is created by happy conscious people. People who care. People who want to do the right thing.


We love what we do and are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve. We hope you can ‘taste the happy’ in the food we bring you and we very much look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our mission in 2020 to feed 101 people this year who need a meal and we hope to be carbon neutral by planting trees. 


We have had so much interest from Londoners that now we will be supplying fine food retailers the same locally produced foods. This initiative will give our local producers access to a bigger market and allow them to do what they love. Make fabulous foods! 

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