Plastic recyclable bottle. Less than 2% fat. 

Holmleigh Dairy, Donnington.

A family run farm by Julian & Susan Hughes Garbett.

We are farmers who believe in producing the very best food. We are dedicated to the local consumer and have been bottling milk from our Jerseys and Guernseys since 1983. Our dairy cows are free range. They graze throughout the year on grass and fodder crops. They also have access to straw yards where there is our own meadow rich hay. Susan looks after the cows, and milks them in the morning and again in the evening.

All of our Jerseys and Guernseys are known by name. We produce a range of fresh milk, double and single cream and golden farmhouse butter.

ALL our dairy products are made using pasteurised milk on the farm. We do not homogenise we believe this unnecessary process can break down the natural protein found in milk products.

2 litre gold top milk


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